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If you’re a traditionalist and want a real acoustic piano, we offer a great selection of used consoles, studios, and grand pianos that are all great for beginners, and players of all levels.

If you like the new digital piano technology (our most popular for beginners), we stock both used & new digital pianos that are an excellent choice for beginners.  ANY new Casio, or Roland digital piano model that we sell in our store is a great choice for beginners.  These new models start at $479 and up depending on what features, cabinet style, and brand you choose.  Based on our service records for 40 + years, and lots & lots of research & comparing all brands, the new models of digital pianos that we sell are very reliable models, have the very best warranties, and are by far the best value on the market today!  If we don’t sell a particular brand of new digital piano, it’s for a good reason!   

Other Brands of Digital Pianos

At one time or another in our 40 years + of business, we have sold every major brand of digital piano.  Again.... if we don’t sell a particular brand of digital piano... it’s for a good reason!  You can also compare many brands of new & used Digital pianos in our store side by side.  We have one of the LARGEST selection of digital pianos in NC, SC and many other states.  

Used Digital Pianos

Our used digital piano selection changes daily, but we typically have used digital pianos from $299 - $399 and up.  Visit our store to see our current selection.  It changes very often!

A few Reasons to choose a Digital Piano

Some reasons a digital piano is a great choice for beginners (or even people who use to play and wish to start playing again):

- 88 key weighted action keyboards that feel, play, and sound like a grand piano... much better than an older used upright piano!

- No tuning or maintenance is necessary

- You can use headphones which leads to more practice and it’s great to play anytime and not disturb anyone!

- On some models you can use Apps on any iPad, tablet, phone, Or Bluetooth device to add lots of really neat features.

- With Bluetooth audio (available on some Roland models), you can hookup your cell phone, iPad, or Bluetooth device, then go to YouTube and teach yourself how to play, or watch a tutorial on how to use your particular digital piano, or even learn how to play your favorite song!  

- We’ll show you many more reasons when you visit our store.

Buying a Digital Piano Online?

If you are considering buying a digital piano online... there are lots of considerations to consider from price, shipping, to service after the sale.  About service... Most online companies won’t tell you this (and most don’t even know this), but did you know most ALL companies who service digital pianos will NOT service digital pianos purchased online?  The reason... most all companies will not Pay these service people to service them EVEN under warranty!  Some even recommend shipping the digital piano to the nearest online repair center which in a lot of cases is across country.  By the way.. shipping charges are NOT covered by warranty and can cost hundreds of dollars!  JML Piano ONLY services what we sell, and we’re authorized service centers for both Roland, & Casio for IN HOME SERVICE for our customers!!  Some brands are not serviceable at all (mainly off brands, store brands, or brands you’ve probably never heard of... stay away from these!!).  Shipping damage is another consideration.  We’ve had many calls over the years... from people who have concealed shipping damage from shippers wanting us to repair these instruments, or they are missing parts in the box.  Sorry, but we only service what we sell to offer our customers the best possible service after the sale!

Digital piano online Prices.... JML Piano will MATCH OR BEAT ANY ONLINE PRICE, and give you local service, offer you FULL WARRANTY SERVICE IN YOUR HOME, show you how to use & operate it, and stand behind what we sell.  Online sellers can’t do this!  Online sellers also can’t show you in person how to operate your digital piano, and they can’t give you a 2 year 100% trade in as we can.  BUY LOCAL FROM JML PIANO for the BEST PRICE, BEST SERVICE, BEST TRADE IN, BEST DEAL period!

***** JML Piano offers a 2 year 100% trade in on ANY DIGITAL PIANO we sell *****   

For our customers who buy online from us.. we will assist you with ANY issue or problem you may have.  If warranty service is needed, we will even handle that for you through our network of reputable authorized repair locations.  Again... unlike just about all online sellers!

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