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Ask About Our 2-year 100% Trade-In Policy!


1. Our Reputation gained from many of our customers in the 40 year

history of our company.

2. We actually believe that SERVICE after the Sale is JUST as important than the Sale itself!

3. Our Prices! Many people drive to us from out of town to buy from us because they know that we have the best prices! We’ve heard this Many times over the years!

4. Referrals. A Large majority of our sales are referrals from our customers, former customers, teachers, schools, churches, neighbors & friends.

5. We do what we SAY we will do. If we tell you or promise you anything, WE WILL FOLLOW THROUGH as promised!

6. Our track record over the years… we have sold thousands and thousands of Grand Pianos, Console and Spinet Pianos, Digital Pianos, Player Grand Pianos, New & Used, all to happy customers…. Just ask any of them or ASK us for references from our customers!

7. We buy in Quantity direct from the manufacturers to insure we get the best possible price on any instrument that we sell saving you money! We also buy B & C stock merchandise every chance we get to save you even more (minor scratch or ding or flaws, overstockments, discontinued and closeout models, instruments from dealers who have closed / or are bankrupt, special sale items, etc.

8. Honesty. We are totally upfront and honest with people… sometimes even deciding in the customers favor!

9. We treat all of our customers as we would like to be treated with courtesy and respect. We correct our mistakes immediately and make it right!

10. Family owned and operated... Over 40 Years of Quality!

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