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"We only carry top quality used console & studio pianos.  When we receive these pianos, we clean, touch up, adjust, inspect, tune and perform any repairs needed.  If the piano has major problems that will cost more than the piano is worth, we either discard it or use it for parts to repair other pianos.  This happens quite frequently on older used pianos if they are not maintained, tuned, & regulated for many years they generally are unrepairable.  If your piano develops a major problem after delivery, we will give you 100% of what you paid for your piano back on trade in for 2 years (tax and delivery not included)! 

Our 2 year 100% trade in is very popular, and we have lots of customers who start out with a good used piano and upgrade later to a nice digital piano or grand piano.  The pics above show examples

of some of the used pianos we sell."

Used Pianos: Rentals
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