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Add a deluxe Roland bench with storage for just $99!  (not a cheap chinese made substandard bench like most online companies do!  This price is for pickup in the box.  We can assemble it for you, or deliver it locally to you (For a fee... in the Fayetteville, NC metro area).  These are very easy to pickup with a pickup truck, SUV, or mini van.  Assembly is also very easy with just a phillips (+) screwdriver!


Special edition Roland piano with superior sound in a stylish upright cabinet.

If you’re ready to propel your piano-playing journey, the Roland RP30 digital piano is an excellent place to start. From a weighted full-size keyboard beneath your hands to the rich, authentic Roland piano sounds, the budget-friendly RP30 offers a range of features to keep you inspired as your playing progresses throughout the years.

Roland RP30 digital piano with Roland deluxe wood bench with storage!

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